10 Characteristics of a Successful Brand | Adapt


Successful brands evolve and adapt with their audience.

The ability to evolve and adapt your marketing strategy is critical for the success of your business. Can you imagine seeing a brand promoting themselves on MySpace instead of the reigning social media network, Facebook? Not only would the company be investing valuable time, money, and energy into an outdated medium, but they would look foolish for doing so. 

If you take the time to get to know and understand your audience before building your digital marketing strategy, you won't fall prey to misguided promotion. In today's world, it's one thing to follow your audience to a new platform or app. It's another to establish yourself as a forward-thinking leader and anticipate your customers' next move

For example, Instagram recently released shoppable profiles, allowing users to click on an image to see available products and make a purchase without ever leaving the app. Huge, national brands have been using the feature as it has been rolled out by Instagram. Current 120 saw an opportunity. We wanted to position our client, vintage store Warmth & Cheer, above the other retro retailers on the platform. We went through the process of enabling Shopping on Instagram on their profile. Now, they are able to sell their curated collection of unique pieces to a broader audience of vintage hunters throughout the United States! 

With risk comes reward. Are you ready to try something new?