Current 120, a Traverse City Creative Agency, Donates Logo and Website to Local Nonprofit

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Traverse City-based website design and development agency, Current 120, donated a logo and website to the local nonprofit organization, Freedom Farm Ministries Grand Traverse, which utilizes permaculture gardening and equine-assisted therapies to benefit women in need of healing.

The creative agency, who takes a unique approach to advertising by working with One Client at a Time, occasionally has an opening in their schedule. Rather than taking a week off, Current 120’s owners, Arielle Sika and Shelley Dunville, donated their time to give back to the community.

“We book client projects in week increments, working with one client at a time,” said Dunville. "Because of this, we occasionally have a week to work on our own business or in this case, give back."

This donation is in line with Current 120’s goal of helping small businesses and nonprofits revamp and reenergize their online presence. The agency is known for its unique One Client at a Time business plan and its ability to advise on both digital touchpoints and overall business strategy.

Freedom Farm, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Traverse City, helps women who’ve experienced a lack of nurturing in their lives, depression, trauma, or loss. With such an important mission, the organization was an ideal recipient of Current 120's design donation. Freedom Farm’s services are provided by Founder and Executive Director, Julie Elliott-Eickenroth and volunteers.

“Like many of our clients, Freedom Farm brings so much passion and altruism to the table that it makes my job a joy,” said Sika. “We met with Julie last summer and her genuine heart and mission for helping local women stuck with me. When Shelley and I discussed donating our services to a nonprofit, Freedom Farm was at the top of our list. We were able to build them a brand and website in two weeks!”

Like many nonprofits, Freedom Farm does not have dedicated funds for marketing and design. The donations and grants the organization receives go directly toward providing care for its clients, expanding its services, and maintaining the farm’s facilities.

“Many of the women we reach out to do not have money for therapeutic services,” said Elliott-Eickenroth. “We want to focus our efforts and energies mainly toward the people we serve so we don’t spend a lot of time fundraising. As a faith-based nonprofit, our philosophy on giving is to rely first on God to help us provide for “the least of these,” and after that, we simply tell people what we are doing and if their hearts are warmed to our mission, invite them to give as their convictions dictate to support the work of the farm.”

In today’s world, a robust online presence is necessary. Recognizing this necessity and pairing it with their passion for community service, Sika and Dunville gave back using their marketing skill set. A donation of this kind gives in-need nonprofits an advantage to be seen and to do more good. In addition, Current 120 raised $200 through a Facebook fundraiser to cover Freedom Farm’s first year of website and domain hosting.

“Current 120 is fabulous! Arielle and Shelley are such a dynamic, creative team—super responsive, fun, and easy to work with,” said Elliott-Eickenroth. “They have a tremendous love for our community, as we do, so they have been a great fit for us. The beautiful new website, logo, and brand they created for Freedom Farm is a wondrous gift, one we could not have afforded at this time. We are so thankful.”

See Freedom Farm’s new logo and website at