10 Characteristics of a Successful Brand | Retainer


Successful brands have an agency on retainer.

The 'Successful Brands' series comes to a close with this final point: Successful brands have an agency on retainer. An agency asks the tough questions to get to the heart of what, and why, you do what you do. We find the heart of your brand and use it to touch the hearts of your consumers.

Here's an example of on-brand work from a Current 120 retainer client.

While you're focused on the vision of your company, a creative agency works endlessly to ensure all messages, visuals, and communications coming out of your office are consistent with your desired brand look and tone. An agency carefully crafts and manages your social media presence, continually optimizes your website to outrank your competitors, and beautifully design attention-grabbing ads that are funneled through your website and into leads. This type of precision—and results—are the outcome of a thoughtful, data-driven strategy with set goals.

Building a brand is tough work, but maintaining a strong and authentic brand presence is tougher. We can help. We only have three retainer openings each year (and 2018 is already full!). Schedule a call with us if you’re interested in becoming one of the lucky three for 2019! 

Have we added any items to your to-do list throughout the series? If we have or if you have questions about the 10 Characteristics, shoot us an email at shelley@current120.com. We’re here to help (aka guide you through these 10 steps)!