10 Characteristics of a Successful Brand | Brand Consistency


Successful brands demand brand consistency. 

Say it with us now...we demand brand consistency! Brand consistency means there aren’t five versions of your old logo posted on social media, your website, or a local sponsorship sign. It also means that your employees are talking to your audience in the same way that you talk to your audience. It even means that your contact information is the same in all places. Brand consistency is huge. HUGE.

Your brand consistency checklist:

  • Business cards include your logo

  • All printed and promotional materials include your logo and work well together as a package

  • All touchpoints, printed and digital, use the same colors, fonts, and patterns

  • Social media platforms use the same profile image (your logo) and company name for easy recognition

  • There is a strategy for regular social media posting

  • Graphics and messaging are consistent and authentic to the brand

  • The website is a showstopper that has a clear call to action

  • The business address and other essential details are identical on all platforms (major SEO points)

  • Mission, vision, and core values are clearly defined and well-known by the entire staff

  • The company’s core values are reflected in every interaction

  • Company vehicles are branded with decals, your logo, and contact information (hello free advertising!)

  • Client-facing team members wear branded and/or matching apparel for clear recognition (especially if you provide in-home services)

Demand brand consistency in all areas of your company. From how you greet customers, to the look and feel of the direct mail piece they receive months later, every touchpoint builds up your brand’s reputation. After reading this list, are you in need of a brand audit? We can help you get your brand in tip-top shape!