Squarespace Training: Changing Your Squarespace Domain/URL


#WisdomIn120 is a short series created by Current 120. In the series, we share quick tips about Squarespace, marketing, social media, and running a business. We hope these short tutorials help our clients (past and future) leverage all the unique features Squarespace has to offer.

Today's Topic: Changing Your Squarespace Domain/URL

parsnip-badger.squarespace.com ...Squarespace, why do you give us crazy dev links like this?! They aren't professional and definitely don't apply to our business offerings (unless you are a parsnip farmer and badger enthusiast).

Let's change it! Follow our how-to tutorial to customize your Squarespace website's development URL or connect/transfer your existing URL (hosted in GoDaddy, BlueHost, or a relatable host) to your Squarespace account!

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