10 Characteristics of a Successful Brand | Experiment


Successful brands regularly try new things.

We live in the digital age, a time when online programs and social media platforms are continually evolving. With this evolution comes an excellent opportunity for brand promotion (Facebook Live, Instagram Stories), but stricter parameters for how we promote (GDPR, new privacy standards). With this push and pull of available programs but restricted data, brand managers have a great opportunity to think both in and out of the box. How do you do that, you ask? You try new things! 

Play with new features and settings as they come available to you! On our Facebook page, we utilized the 'Services' tab as a way to promote our offerings to prospective clients


Here's a short list of ways to experiment:

  • Target a unique audience on Facebook

  • A/B test e-newsletter subject lines

  • Try Facebook Live

  • Create audience segments in Google AdWords

  • Engage your customers with a poll

  • Answer questions on Instagram

With all of the experimentation methods listed above, you can measure the results to understand which methods best captured the attention of your audience. Based on your findings, you can better tailor the amount of time you (or your agency) invest in these platforms or audience segments. Our best advice to you? Stay curious!