Master Automation and Take Over the World

Current 120 (Traverse City web designer + branding) uses automation to run their Traverse City, Michigan business.

If you haven’t jumped aboard the automation train, you’re missing out! For small businesses, automation is a total lifesaver. By automating client communications, we save more than 30 hours per month. That’s 360 hours a year! Quite literally 15 DAYS per year saved by using automation. Does that mean we can take an extra vacation? 😉

There are many programs out there to streamline and automate the client experience, but our favorite is Dubsado. Dubsado is a high-energy, family-run company based in California. They just celebrated their third birthday (queue the streamers and confetti), and in this small amount of time, they’ve completely crushed their competition.

Current 120 (Traverse City web designer + branding) uses automation to run their Traverse City, Michigan business.

How did they do this? They understand the features their audience relies on because they’ve been there themselves. Becca, Dubsado’s co-founder, has a background in photography, so she understands all of the moving parts of both the client experience and behind the scenes to successfully run a small business. This knowledge led her and the Dubsado team to create an incredible platform with streamlined features like a time tracker that integrates with your billing software, annnnd send automated emails to clients to keep your process on track. Amazing.  

The Dubsado brand is all about community, and in this, they thrive. They have a Facebook Community open to Dubsado users where we (the users) can share concerns, triumphs, and desired features. On a daily basis, you can catch Becca or Cameron, a long-time employee, responding to the comments and helping their users find solutions. How rare is it to find this type of hands-on experience today?! It’s incredible! Plus, many of the features the community asked for have already been developed and added to the platform!

While the setup takes a while (like…days if you want to get it right), the payoff is insurmountable. Each website design and branding client and prospect Current 120 works with is filtered into our system and applied a workflow conditional to their needs. At any given time, we have about 15 workflows going, automatically sending important project forms and emails to clients. It is a massive weight off our backs to know that while we are working to launch a huge client website or reveal a new brand, Dubsado is working behind the scenes to deliver our clients with an unforgettable experience.  

If Dubsado sounds like the right program for you, we encourage you to sign-up and give it a shot! By using this link, you’ll receive 20% off your first month! Improve your client process. Save your valuable time. Conquer the world.

*We are a Dubsado affiliate, so if you use our link, we receive benefits from Dubsado.