10 Characteristics of a Successful Brand | Social Media


Successful brands are active on social media. 

For those new to the digital world, or even those who grew up during social media's creation and rise, managing multiple social media channels can be overwhelming. There's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But don't forget about Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+! It feels like new platforms are emerging monthly! Even when you feel like you've mastered one or two of these platforms, the creators go and add another feature (Instagram stories, I'm looking at you). While these features are fun to test out (or scary!) and beneficial for the promotion of your business, they are another item to add to your never ending to-do list of social media upkeep!

Effective social media management is bigger than a few posts here and there. It takes strategy, preparation, analysis, and most importantly, time. For many business owners, taking on this  responsibility is not realistic from a time standpoint. Your focus should reside on what you do best in your businesses, whether that be accounting, management, or wearing numerous hats as a business owner. It's okay to ask for help. You don't have to master it all. We can take the (digital) weight of social media off your shoulders. 

We thrive by creating and implementing analytics-driven strategies and shareable content that reach and connect with your target market on the platforms they use (Take a peek at the image for a recent example of our work. Shares for days!). While 'likes' are nice, leads and sales are what you need. So take off that hat and let your hair down. Hand it over to us. We even have an awesome new client offer (email us for the deets) to get you started.

Do you have a specific social media question? Let us know and we're happy to advise.