What's the deal with templated sites?

Current 120's templated vs. custom-built website showdown.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve launched Current 120. We’ve done business pitches, had client meetings and collaborated on some great projects! We’ve found a resounding theme when we kick off these conversations. First, people are interested and encouraged that we work with one client at a time. Second, people have a mixed bag of emotions when we tell them we build from templated sites. The most common reactions are:

So you don’t reallllly develop websites.”

“Won’t it look the same as other sites?”

“Couldn’t I do it myself?”

We could take these comments one of two ways: Discouraged people don’t initially understand, OR we could take the time to explain the benefits of why we choose to work like this.

So let us explain.

Building templated websites is not a bad thing! It shouldn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth or a negative connotation in your head. It doesn’t make us any less qualified as web designers. And it certainly doesn’t limit us in the creativity department. Most importantly, we do this for you, the end user.


With the expansive world of wonderfully built content management systems, why try to reinvent the wheel? We know, we know. Totally not the typical mindset of entrepreneurs. But hear us out. Squarespace and WordPress hit the nail on the head. They rock it. Using either platform, depending on client needs, we are able to create kick-butt sites while completely eliminating the lengthy timeline and heavy cost burden associated with building a content management system from scratch. This means you get the site you want quickly—120 hours—and affordably.


If we made your site look like everyone else’s, we would be so embarrassed we would actually give you your money back. Designing unique sites is where we thrive. It’s where our years of branding and coding experience come into play. Templated sites have secret passages (aka developer modes) where we work our magic to completely transform the basic into the beautiful. Each brand is distinctive, and your site deserves to be, too.


Squarespace and WordPress have established themselves as leaders in the web market for a reason. With Squarespace specifically, the content management system (CMS) is so. easy. to. use! We don’t want to leave you with a site you can’t easily update. You don’t need to pay us $25 to add a period to the end of a sentence. That’s not fair and that is certainly not the way we will ever work. With comprehensive training following your site’s launch, you’ll be a webmaster in no time!


While you could use these platforms to design a website yourself, you’d be missing out on a chance to leverage your site to its fullest potential. Living in such a digitally rich society, it’s more important than ever to blow your customers away with an awe-inspiring online presence—and that’s our specialty.

We fill our days with researching market trends, pushing the limits on these ever-changing platforms, and engaging customers with powerful messaging and imagery. We’ve devoted a combined decade of our lives to perfecting our skills in developing, designing, and writing incredible websites. So let us show you what we’ve got.