The New Age of Advertising

The New Age of Advertising: Relationships at the Core of Commerce.png

Marketing and advertising get a bad rap. Even myself (Arielle), a marketing professional, had negative feelings toward the industry when I graduated from college and began looking for jobs. Did I want to add to the chaos of the advertising industry? Could I see myself contributing to Photoshopping thin models, creating grand promises, and outright lies? No, I could not.

Thankfully the landscape has changed, and so should your marketing strategy.


In 2006 when marketing expert, Marty Neumeier, wrote “Zag: The #1 Strategy of High-Performance Brands,” he talked about the biggest competition universal to all organizations. Neumeier explains it, “…today’s real competitions—-competition that’s so pervasive we can’t even see it—doesn’t come from direct or even indirect competitors. It comes from the extreme clutter of the marketplace.” Neumeier wrote these words over a decade ago and his points only grow truer. With the influx of online stores and marketplaces, our choices have increases exponentially. More choices, more advertisements, and increasingly shorter attention spans make for a challenge for all organizations.

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So how do we break through the extreme clutter? We have to switch up our strategy. Consumers are demanding a different kind of marketing from brands. Today’s consumers value honesty, transparency, and above all else, authenticity—each of which builds trust and eventually a relationship. Forbes backed this idea in a recent article, stating, “Mastery in our digital world is well worth the effort, as a positive experience with a staff member increases customer satisfaction by 33%. When companies respond to customers via social media, these same consumers spend 40% more than those who do not get a reply.”

Like building any relationship, it takes time, care, and consistency. You must understand your audience deeply and communicate with them through thoughtful, clear language and design that enhances the humanity of your message.

Current 120 focuses on relationships by reinventing the way we work with our clients. Our strategy of working with One Client at a Time℠ allows us to better understand our clients and deliver on what they need. Better yet, it allows our clients time to reassess their audience groups and use that fresh insight to tailor their messaging. With a reenergized perspective and clear tactics, projects conclude with our clients taking total control of their marketing strategy.

If an organization is true to itself, transparent to the world, and actively communicating a clear and consistent message, like-minded customers will be drawn to it. Then it’s up to the product and service to deliver on that message!