10 Characteristics of a Successful Brand | Website


Successful brands use their websites as a hub. 

Every piece of information you give someone should have your URL on it. Your website is what shares your story, engages your customers, and gets people saying, “I want that!” to whatever service or product you provide—from dog washing services to luxury car rentals. Great websites don’t have to take ages to make. We develop, design, and even write them for you in just one week (get those brand standards ready).

A great website strikes a balance between leveraging messaging that speaks to the customer and utilizing keywords that check all the boxes for strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Both emotion-evoking headlines and keyword frequency rely heavily on the knowledge of your target audience. SEO keywords help your audience find your website, while storytelling content captivates and compels them to keep reading.

The structure of your website must be built around user experience. This means that your website makes it easy for prospective customers to find what they are looking for. Once the functionality is nailed down, it’s time to dazzle your customers with professional and original imagery, custom graphics, and unique textures that enhance your brand to perfection.

In an age when having a digital presence is so important, a website is a must-have. Starting with a template-based website platform like Squarespace (we LOVE Squarespace) is a great way to get started! A top-notch website establishes legitimacy and has a clear call to action that drives your customers to make a move—and engage with your brand.