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Consider us an extension of your team as we build your website. With graphic design, website development, and copywriting backgrounds, we build sites that are beautiful, functional, and filled with storytelling content. Feel good knowing your site is built by Current 120's founders. Even after the project is over, we're here to answer your questions or tackle any requests. We're not going anywhere.

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Website Packages

See full website package details below.


The Starter Website

The Starter Website lays the digital framework for your business in just one week. It may be simple, but it's perfectly what you need right now. This site is ready to grow with you and your evolving brand.


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The Standout Website

The Standout Website leaves your audience in awe. The custom designed graphics and captivating copy work seamlessly together to intrigue, delight, and sell your services to your audience.


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The Standout Plus Website

This package is the perfect fit for robust businesses who offer multiple services/products to diverse markets. Your site likely has existing content in need of a refresh and SEO keyword strategy! As a bonus, you'll receive a social media launch strategy!


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The Starter Website

Number of Pages: 1-5 pages

Timeline: One week

Website Wireframe: The wireframe includes a list of pages to be included on your website and where they will appear. This is a foundational step in ensuring a positive user experience.

Customization Level: A few custom elements sprinkled throughout your site. 

Page Design Approval: Before we design your full site, we’ll receive direction approval on the home and interior page design. 

Branded Details: We’ll add your custom fonts, colors, and logo to your new site. 

Web Development: We’ll prepare the CMS (content management system, aka how you edit your site) so it is easy to make changes in the long-run. 

On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO plays an incredibly important role in getting your brand in front of your target audience. We’ll incorporate keywords into your website’s content and backend system.

Mobile & Tablet Optimization: Of course. 

Multiple Browser Testing: We will test your site on Mac and Windows computers, Apple and Android phones, and across multiple browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

Video Training Call: You’ll be set up for success! No need to pay us to add a comma or image. At the end of this training, you yourself will be a web wizard! 



The Standout Website

The Starter Website PLUS…

Number of Pages: 6-12 pages

Timeline: One week

Customization Level: Custom code (CSS, HTML, and/or JavaScript) and complimentary plugins to make your site one-of-a-kind, just like you! 

Branded Details: In addition to adding your custom fonts, colors, and logo, we’ll design branded patterns and graphics to make your site pop. 

One Month of Website Support: For the month following our project, we'll provide website support, making any desired tweaks and delivering additional training, if needed. 

Privacy Policy: Fun (and not commonly known) fact! Every website built is required to have a privacy policy. We’ll add our lawyer-approved policy to your site!

Personalized Training Video: We’ll send you a step-by-step, timestamped video guide with instructions on how to tweak your website. It is your go-to resource if you forget how to make an edit going forward. It’s basically your personal cheering squad when making edits!

Video Training Call: Watch your Personalized Training Video, then come to us with any follow-up questions or comments, and we'll clear the air.



The Standout Plus Website

The Starter & Standout PLUS…

Number of Pages: Up to 25 pages + 50 blog transfers 

Timeline: Two weeks

GDPR Compliance: Sites like yours are likely viewed on a larger scale. Because of this, we’ll build your site in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect on May 25, 2018.

Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions: Fun (and not commonly known) fact! Every website built is required to have a privacy policy. We’ll include a lawyer-approved, GDPR-compliant privacy policy on your site ($250 value).

Launch Strategy: Every great website deserves a red carpet-worthy debut announcement! We’ll write and design a social media post that is sure to make a splash!

Forever Discounted Support Fee: Following your complimentary month of support, you’re locked in at a low, set hourly fee for any future changes.