Squaring the Education Pyramid Institute (STEPi) aims to create a world where children can grow up to flourish, thrive, learn, and grow, regardless of income, race, gender, location, or any other defining factors. The organization needed a platform where it could share ideas and resources with parents across the world.

STEPi's Squarespace website design and development by Current 120.


With an established brand identity already, Current 120 leveraged the brand colors to build STEPi a professional website. STEPi’s team is continually adding educational resources, so we prioritized developing the site in Squarespace, leveraging its client-friendly content management system.

STEPi's Squarespace website design and development by Current 120.


"I've had the honor and pleasure to work with Arielle and Shelley of Current 120 on several website projects. They truly are fantastic to work with, extremely responsive, responsible, creative, talented, and I would say the best web design team I have worked with in over 15 years. I have confidently referred them to colleagues and owners of businesses and never have any hesitation in recommending them. I honestly look forward to the next opportunity to work with them as it is an excellent partnership.”

- Sara Harding, STEPi



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