Kicking butts and taking names since 2010.


We're your gals for the job.

We truly believe we fatefully met our perfect professional match four years ago as interns when we bonded over our love for cinnamon rolls and concerts. We’ve been working alongside one another since–though we’ve graduated from sharing a tiny desk in Traverse City to Skyping from different continents for hours on end.

After working together for as long as we have, we’ve learned the ins and outs of how each other work, where we excel, and our unique quirks. Arielle tolerates Shelley’s constant need to show off her most prized possession, Wes Anderson the cat, and Shelley understands that Arielle needs to leave early some days to increase those paddleboarding skills. It just works.

In working together, we’ve constructed seamless processes, developed a devotion to our clients, and formed a deep trust in one another to work our butts off until a project is perfect.

Think we’d be a good fit? We’d love to work with you next. Don’t worry; we’ll accept your quirks, too.


Arielle Sika
Co-founder / Creative Director

You can count on me for creative solutions, web development, authentic photography, and anything Photoshop-related.

Hey there, I'm

Arielle Sika, Designer & Web Developer

I am an artist in every aspect of my life. Aesthetic is important; not just for visual appeal, but for functionality. I love the challenge of engaging our clients' varying audience groups by determining fresh ways to talk to them through color, shape, and texture.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and learning about their passions and business ventures. By asking thoughtful questions and listening carefully, I am able to deliver strategy and creative that perfectly matches the exceptional businesses we have the honor of working with. I love helping people realize—and exceed—their goals through intentional design and communications.

My husband and I live in Traverse City, Michigan with our two labs. My interests outside of art and design include a wide range of athletic adventures and efforts to fine-tune my health. I find inspiration by exploring hiking trails and my community via bike and paddle board.


Fun Facts:
My husband and I have been together for 12 years!
I was a mermaid in a past life
I am a #wildgameatarian

Community Involvement:
Leadership Lunch Club Advisory Board
Traverse City Film Festival - COH

Favorite Places:
Picture Rocks National Lakeshore
The Beach (ANY beach)
Thrift Stores

Shelley Dunville, Co-founder and copywriter

Shelley Dunville
Co-founder / Wordsmith

You can count on me for all things written, strategy-based, organizational, and the management of projects and accounts.

Hi! I'm

Shelley Dunville, Copywriter & Strategist

I'm an award-winning copywriter and world traveler. With a half a decade of experience under my belt, I specialize in writing impactful brand messaging for non-profits, retail companies, small businesses, and more. I use visual storytelling to transform spreadsheet data and bullet-pointed ideas into written experiences that position your brand’s goals in a gorgeous light. I’m enthusiastic and curious, ready to dive deep to learn about the goals for your next project.

When I’m not head down researching for an upcoming project, I'm baking delicious treats (making a new recipe each week for a year!) and taste-testing my way through Italy with my husband.


Fun Facts:
My husband and I moved to Italy two years ago
I bake and blog: The Baker & the Biscuit Maker
I’m an avid crafter

Icing Smiles - Admin Team | Technology

I Find Inspiration:
In coffee shops
While reading in the park
At the bottom of a fragola gelato

Favorite Things:
My cat, Wes
Every show ever


Through the years.